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Educational Informatics Network (EBA)


Gate to the future of education, Educational Informatics Network is an online social educational platform led by The General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies.

The purpose of the platform is to enable the integration of technology into education by using information technology tools and supporting efficient use of material. EBA has been created to offer suitable, reliable and right content and is still being developed.

While many digital source designed by MEB and educational companies volunteering to share contents are published on EBA, students and teachers will also have the opportunity to offer the content they create. Therefore, there will be a pool of source which will be open to anyone keen on learning.

This will also open educational doors to everyone and provide a basis for carrying education outside the buildings. So is to say that it will be an integral part of the educational life. It will enable students to be self-determining and self-learning individuals. Besides, once students are united under EBA, they will be cooperating and involved in the team work with peers all over Turkey.

It will be easier to move from teacher-centred education to student-centred education. As a result, it will facilitate for the establishment of a country raising individuals who don’t have parrot fashion and who filter and search for well-prepared sources, interpret information and create new information out of the current one.

Moreover, parents will be able to monitor and follow the quality of education provided to their children on EBA thereby contributing to the improvement and quality of education and have a bigger role than previous one. Now, we will be responsible for the education as a society, our contributions will grow and we will have to opportunity to shape our own future.

Having these above-mentioned characteristics, EBA is a candidate for offering opportunity for education contributed equally, to our students and the world in a broader sense, which is the main purpose of FATIH Project in Education. Covering all shareholders of education, EBA will grow, become stronger and develop thanks to all your contribution.


For Teachers,

It is designed for teachers to collaborate with their colleagues and share educational materials with students. Teachers can participate in discussions created by them or other teachers, share educational materials, assign tasks to students and follow tasks individually or oncoming events. They can also contribute to content pool with the contents they have created with content creation tools provided by EBA.

For Students,

It is designed so that students can study more effectively and get better results. They can work collaboratively with their peers and teachers, communicate with them and share educational materials on EBA Course. Also students can follow the tasks assigned to them by their teachers and study any subject anytime. They can continue sharing at school, participate in voting on EBA and attend to events. Most importantly students can continue learning outside school.


News Module

Designed for the purpose that good works created by teachers and students can be seen and heard by anyone and can be an example for better works. All kinds of activities and newsworthy activities are added here and published after being checked by EBA community mechanism.

A small wall calendar can be accepted as newsworthy as well as a cultural success. Students’ success in sports, degrees gained from competitions, projects that schools got involved in… Shortly, every work done by you are newsworthy and worth-seeing.

Video Module

This module in Educational Informatics Network is designed for you to find educational videos that you can play in your class, in one place. In this module which contains videos supporting individual and collective learning in the fields such as course assistance, personal development, documents, cartoons, consultancy, professional training, you can find videos to use in from chemistry to mathematics and from languages to primary school life sciences. Moreover, videos to show on special days, videos created within social responsibility projects and documents to enrich your courses can be found here as well.

Thanks to this module which will be enriched with the videos sent by teachers and students, various videos will be created and learning will be a fun activity over time.

Image Module

Photographs chosen from the archive of General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies are now on EBA image module to help you enrich the material you use. Planned to become a visual history of education with contribution of teachers over time, this module will contain maps, graphs, animations and simulations prepared for your use. You will be able to enrich the imagery of your course, enable student grasp the topic easier with these materials you can use in your courses. Also, it will serve as a photograph archive that you can suggest as a reliable source for the students’ assignments.

Audio Module

In this module, you can download audio-based course assistance, personal development, history and culture programs, audio books, foreign language listening passages on your tablets or music players. You can find audio books, educational radio programs, samples from our music archive to listen to while walking, exercising, traveling on subway, bus, etc. Also, you can upload here audio files that you’ve created.

Book Module

It is designed so that you can download course books as e-books (PDF) to your tablets or interactive boards. Also you can share e-books that you find useful on this module. Students will be able to access their books on their tablets without need to carry them.

Magazine Module

You can access educational, cultural and scientific magazines here. Moreover you can share the ones you own or find useful.

Document Module

You can find any documents on guidance, tests, planning materials and etc. on this module which you can upload your own documents. You can also contribute by leaving constructive comments as well as uploading documents.


It is the module where you can find information and exhibitions of old contests. Also you can find general information and information about participation here.


In this module, you can find individual learning contents, contents supplied by leading educational content companies, associations, ministries and NGOs. Also there is a part called “For Teachers” where teachers can access free portals.

EBA Document Module

It is an application where teachers and students can store and share documents such as presentations, images, audio files, videos, etc.

e-Course Module

It is a module where you can access acquisition and evaluation tests. It is also the platform where complementary courses are managed.

EBA Store

Store for application which comes installed on tablets distributed within FATIH Project in Education. You will be able to download and update applications with EBA Store. This store containing study aids such as enriched e-books, magazines, dictionaries, calculators, educational and instructive games, audio stories is growing and its content is being enriched day by day.