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Science and Art Center (BİLSEM) Group Assessment Test


BİLSEMs are public, educational institutions that attract the attention of Gifted and Talented students. These centers serve under the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Special Education Guidance and Counseling Services. GT students are accepted to BİLSEMs by a three-step assessment system. In the first step, primary class teachers make observations and use rating scales to determine their potentially GT students. At this step, all the primary school students (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th- year students) around the country are scanned via the use of an “observation form” to refer students for further testing. In the second step, selected students take group intelligence tests. Finally, based on the results of this test, at the final stage, successful students take the individual intelligence test (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children –WISC-R). The students identified as GT and selected for BILSEMs receive project-based training in line with their interests and needs at times outside of their formal education. The individual intelligence test has been transformed for application on tablets. All the students who are to be assessed are given tablets and the students are expected to do the tasks on the tablets.

Talented and gifted students are tested for their ability in music, arts and sciences. The GT students readiness for special education is tested. Based on their ability and interest, they are given non-formal education to further their abilities. The students are transferred to individualized programs outside the regular school.

There is a group assessment test with the tablet. The tasks require drag and drop type of answers. They get screened via the test to orient to extra-curricular classrooms.

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